Enjoy the Magic of Foz Carnival XLII Entroido 2024: From February 8th to 16th

Foz, a gem of A Mariña, is getting ready to welcome locals and visitors in the 42nd edition of its emblematic Carnival, declared a Tourist Interest Festival of Galicia. From February 8th to 16th, 2024, the city will immerse itself in a unique celebration that blends tradition with modernity, turning its streets into a vibrant stage of color, music, and overflowing joy.

Carnival of Tradition and Creativity:

Foz stands out for its Carnival, a festivity that combines traditional essence with contemporary creations. Year after year, the people of Foz organize a varied and extensive program that attracts people of all ages, making this celebration one of the most emblematic of A Mariña.

Vibrant Parade on Carnival Saturday:

The highlight of Foz’s Carnival is its vibrant and creatively filled parade, which takes place on Carnival Saturday. The streets transform into a stage where troupes, clever costumes, bands, and floats dazzle with their joy and originality, creating an unforgettable visual experience.

Citizen Participation and Festive Atmosphere:

What makes this “entroido” special is the active participation of the citizens. Residents and visitors immerse themselves in the magic of the celebration for over a week, participating in contests, events, and enjoying music, dance, and camaraderie that create a unique festive atmosphere.

Galician Tourist Interest Festival:

The Carnival of Foz has been recognized as a Tourist Interest Festival of Galicia, highlighting its cultural and touristic importance. This recognition is the result of the commitment of the people of Foz to preserve their traditions and promote a celebration that reflects the cheerful spirit of the community.

Come and Discover the Carnival of Foz:

Join the magic of the Carnival of Foz and discover why it is a unique event and a Tourist Interest Festival of Galicia. Immerse yourself in the tradition, creativity, and contagious joy that will fill the streets of Foz from February 8th to 16th, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience an unforgettable celebration in the beautiful city of Foz!


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