Tradition and Charm of Easter in A Mariña Lucense. From March 24th to 31st, 2024

Easter in A Mariña Lucense combines devotion, tradition, and the charm of the Galician coast. In many towns, the Passion of Christ is commemorated with the participation of thousands of people. Solemn processions, artistic floats, and religious fervor create a unique atmosphere that transports you through time. Among them all, undoubtedly, stand out the Holy Week celebrations of Mondoñedo and Viveiro.

Mondoñedo, of Tourist Interest in Galicia

Holy Week in Mondoñedo, with origins in the 16th century, captivates with its simplicity and sobriety, reflecting the deeply rooted popular faith. It begins with the procession and mass of Palm Sunday, as well as with the events of the Paschal Triduum of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, ending at dusk with the celebration of Easter. The liturgical events take place in the Cathedral of Mondoñedo, presided over by the Bishop of the Diocese, and from there the processions start and end, spreading through the streets of the Historic Center of Mondoñedo. Don’t miss the moving Procession of Solitude on Friday, unique with the touching singing of El Plorans, by Master Pacheco. Immerse yourself in the tradition, history, and solemnity of this centuries-old celebration!

HOLY WEEK 2024 Programming – MONDOÑEDO.


Viveiro, of International Touristic Interest

The Holy Week of Viveiro, one of the oldest in Galicia (13th century), is carefully organized by the eight brotherhoods and fraternities of the town, two of them centennial. From the Friday of Sorrows, the one before Palm Sunday, until Easter Sunday, there are numerous liturgical events that fill the streets with religiosity and intimate atmosphere.

The floats of the processions are authentic works of art of great artistic interest, such as the Crown of Thorns or “The Seated” and the Christ of the Vera Cruz, both from the 15th century; The Prayer of the Garden (17th century); The Holy Virgin of Sorrows (18th century); the Ecce-Homo from the 15th to the 20th centuries; and, of course, the articulated images that star in the procession of the Encounter of Good Friday: Jesus with the Cross on his back or “The Falling Christ” (16th century), Saint John and Veronica, and the Dolorosa of the 18th century. Also noteworthy is the float of The Last Supper created by Juan Sarmiento in 1808, using sailors from the port of San Cibrao as models to represent the Apostles.

The Holy Week of Viveiro, declared of International Touristic Interest since 2013, is experienced with great intensity and emotion. Processions, masses, and drumming precede the main days. The most remarkable events begin on Maundy Thursday with the processions of the Last Supper and the Arrest. On Good Friday morning, the Encounter procession takes place, the oldest ceremony of the Holy Week in Viveiro. In the afternoon, after the Descent from the Cross, the procession of the Holy Burial is celebrated, the most luxurious of all, with the carriers dressed in black talar robes with long tails and a large hood with a mask. After midnight, the silent Procession of Solitude or “Os Caladiños” is accompanied by a multitude of faithful with lit candles in the most impressive solemnity. Easter Sunday, the processions of the Resurrection Encounter and the Via Lucis conclude the festivities.

HOLY WEEK 2024 Programming – VIVEIRO.

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